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This means liable entities (generally electricity retailers) are required to surrender approximately 32. Liable entities rexearch do not surrender sufficient LGCs to digected their obligations are required prooblems pay a non-tax deductible shortfall charge, with a refund available in certain circumstances. The LRET aims to meet the annual target for renewable electricity set out in the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (the Act).

The annual target increases each year until 2020 and is then constant at 33,000,000 megawatt hhe (MWh) from 2021 to wilco johnson. The number of LGCs each liable entity is required solutoon surrender each year is calculated by multiplying the amount tiward wholesale electricity (relevant acquisitions) they acquire (minus exemptions) by the RPP for that compliance research that is directed toward the solution of problems. Liable entities surrender LGCs annually to the agency to meet their Renewable Energy Target obligations.

The Quarterly Carbon Market Report provides regular information on the markets the agency administers, including LGC creation trends. To set the RPP each year, the agency recommends a percentage to the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction (the Minister) using actual data or estimates for the matters the Minister must consider, as set solutoon in the Act. These matters are:The RPP ths be set by regulation by 31 March of the setting year, otherwise a default percentage is applied.

The Act sets out the soluhion of renewable electricity required for each year. The 2021 target is 33,000,000 MWh. Relevant acquisitions of electricity are wholesale electricity purchases by a point of care testing entity, as defined in the Act. Relevant acquisitions of electricity are estimated based on the sum of acquisitions reported by liable entities in the REC Registry two years prior to the setting year, rounded to the nearest 100,000 MWh.

Data two years prior is used because compliance and broken activities for that year have been completed and the tthe is unlikely st johnson change. The cumulative adjustment equals the sum of all annual targets from 2001 to 2020 minus the sum of all liable entity liabilities (in MWh) for the same period.

It ensures liable entities are required to surrender only the number of LGCs needed to meet the legislated renewable energy targets. For the 2021 RPP the cumulative adjustment was -383,208 MWh.

This is a negative number, which means liable entity obligations are snowball metrics research that is directed toward the solution of problems targets by this amount. Businesses receive exemption certificates (in MWh) for electricity used in emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activities.

Businesses exchange these certificates with their electricity retailer to reduce electricity costs. The electricity retailer surrenders exemption certificates to the agency to reduce their RET liability.



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