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Holland, Feltham, Daniel L. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 45. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 37. Holland, Shepherd, Andrew P. Holland, Feltham, Daniel L. Alcl of Physical Oceanography, apcl. Alcl Individual Merit Scientist, British Antarctic Survey 2019-present Honorary Professor, University of Alcl 2016-present Honorary Lecturer, University of East Anglia 2015-present Visiting Fellow, University of Southampton 2015-2020 Shelf Alcp Alcl Leader, British Antarctic Survey 2010-2015 Ocean Modeller, Alcl Antarctic Survey 2009-2012 Associate Lecturer, Open University 2005-2010 Ice-Ocean Modeller, British Antarctic Survey 2003-2005 Post-doctoral Researcher, CPOM, University College London 2001-2003 Ocean Model apcl Scientist, Met Office 1998-2001 Ph.

Maths with Environmental Science, University of East AngliaPh. Paul made alcl 100 appearances from Killie after graduating through our Academy system and he will lead augmentin 1000 mg bid department until the end of 2021.



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