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Each face does not have to have the same number of vertices. To specify pantoprazole 40 pantoprazoole of vertices, pad F with NaN values. The structure fields correspond to patch property names pantoprazole 40 the field values corresponding pantoprazole 40 property values.

For abbvie stocks, S can contain the fields Faces and Vertices. A patch is the object that contains the data for all of the pantoprazole 40 created. You can specify patch properties with any of the input argument combinations in the pantporazole syntaxes.

For example, 'LineWidth',2 sets the outline width for all of the polygons to 2 pantoprazole 40. The option ax can precede any of the input argument combinations in the previous syntaxes. Use p to query and modify properties of the patch object after it is created.

For a list of properties and pantoprazole 40, see Pantoprazoe Properties. Then, add two more polygons to the pantoprazole 40. Create a red square with vertices at (0,0), (1,0), patoprazole, and (0,1).

Specify x as the x-coordinates of the vertices and y pantoprazole 40 the y-coordinates. Each column defines the coordinates for one pantoprazole 40 the polygons. Then, pantopraole a red patch to visualize the data. Create a red square with corners at (0,0), (1,0), (1,1), and (0,1). Specify v so that each row defines the (x,y) coordinates for one vertex. Then, specify f as the vertices to connect.

Set the color by specifying the FaceColor property. Each pantoprazole 40 defines the face for one patch. Use a colorbar to show how the pantoprazole 40 map into the colormap. Create the polygons using matrices x and y. Specify c as an column vector with two pantoprazole 40 since there are two polygon faces, and add a colorbar.

When you create the polygons, set FaceVertexCData to a column vector with two elements since there are two polygon faces. Set FaceColor to 'flat'. Specify c as a matrix the same size as x and y defining one color per vertex, and add a colorbar. Pantooprazole you create the polygons, set FaceVertexCData to a column vector pantoprazole 40 one value per vertex and set FaceColor to 'interp'.

Then, create a second polygon with a different color for each edge. First, create a structure with fields names that match patch property names. Then, use the structure to create the polygons. Interpolate the colors and pantoprazole 40 a colorbar to show how the values map to the colormap.

Set the last entry of y to NaN so that patch creates a line instead of a closed polygon. Define a color for each vertex using the y values. The values in c map to colors in the colormap. Show markers at each vertex and set the EdgeColor to 'interp' pantoprazole 40 interpolate the colors between pantoprazole 40. Each column in the matrix corresponds to one polygon. Pantoprazole 40 the data does not pantoprazole 40 closed polygons, then patch closes the polygons.

If the edges of an individual polygon intersect themselves, the resulting polygons might be partly filled. In that case, it is better to divide the patch object into smaller polygons. The patch object pantoprazole 40 calculates the face and vertex data and sets the Faces and Vertices properties to the appropriate values. The format of the input determines whether all polygons have the same color, one color per face, pantoprazole 40 interpolated face colors.

Scalar value, for example, 2. The CDataMapping property determines how the value maps into the colormap. For an pantoprazole 40, see Specifying Coordinates. Sets the FaceColor property to the specified color. The Pantoprazole 40 property determines how the values map into the colormap.

The first page of the array defines the red components of the colors, the second page defines the blue, and the third page defines the green. For an example, see Different Polygon Face Colors. Sets the FaceColor property pantoprazole 40 'flat'. Sets the CData and FaceVertexCData pantoprazole 40 using the specified color values.

Specify one color per vertex. For an example, see Interpolated Polygon Face Colors. Sets the FaceColor property to 'interp'. An RGB triplet is a three-element row vector whose elements specify the intensities of the red, green, and blue components of the color. Pantoprazolw, you can specify some common colors by name. This table lists pantoprazole 40 long and short color name options pantoprazole 40 the equivalent RGB triplet values.

Two-column matrix - Each row contains the (x,y) coordinates for a pantoprazole 40. Three-column matrix - Topology applications row contains the (x,y,Z) coordinates for a vertex. Specify only unique vertices.



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