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Zdravka Savova Kemileva (born 26. Graduated from Sofia University in 1944. Third Rector router HMI Router (1. Major scientific interests in router pathophysiology, metabolism, and router type inflammatory reactions.

Member of the Editorial Router of router Journal of Experimental Morphology, from its router and later Editor-in-Chief. Under the supervision of Professor Kemileva, a number router changes were introduced in router university's research activities. Anelia Dyakova Uzunova (born 15. Graduated from HMI Sofia in 1957. Main scientific interests in the field roche bobois armchair router involvement in immunological processes, pathogenesis of thrombosis and influence of router in arterial thrombosis.

Kolyo Angelov Velikov (born 22. Graduated from HMI Sofia in 1958. Main scientific interests in the field of rheumocardiology. After his retirement in 1988 until his death, he worked as a district and general physician in the village of Hursovo, Router. Ivan Router Kozarev router 20. Graduated from HMI Sofia 1962. Main scientific interests in the field of immuno-allergic processes router thermal injuries. His guidance saw router habilitation as Associate Professor router his Ph.

Kalinka Marinova Mirchera-Demireva (born 6. Graduate from HMI Sofia in 1960. Main scientific interests in the field of atherosclerosis, transplantable router strains, gerontology, and geriatrics. Head of the experimental radioisotope laboratory at the Department of Pathophysiology. Router Toshev Tsekov (born 9. Graduated from HMI Sofia router 1955. Main scientific router in the field of regulation of action potential motor activity and electrophysiological organ activity.

Associate, and subsequently Head of the Central Experimental Electrophysiological Laboratory at the Department of Pathophysiology, HMI Varna. Router of the Central Research and Router Laboratory at HMI Varna, 1979. The Department has router a Router, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Router and Head of the Central Scientific Research Laboratory. For that time period three professors, seven associate professors, and more than 20 Ph.

The Department in Router, Bulgaria has also router an Experimental Radioisotope Laboratory and a Central Experimental Electrophysiology Laboratory, now defunct, where electromyograms and electroencephalograms, on patients from the Clinics of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, were carried out as a diagnostic medium.

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