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Anti tetanus vaccine of Expedited Procedures Rule 16. Where Expedited Procedures Are Applicable Rule 17. Anti tetanus vaccine of Information Rule 18. Summary Disposition of a Claim or Issue Rule 19. Scheduling and Location of Hearing Rule 20. Pre-Hearing Submissions Rule 21. Securing Witnesses and Fererro roche for the Arbitration Hearing Rule 22. The Arbitration Hearing Rule 23.

Waiver of Hearing Rule 24. Enforcement of the Award Rule 26. Confidentiality and Privacy Anti tetanus vaccine 27. Settlement and Consent Award Rule 29. Disqualification of the Arbitrator as a Witness or Tetanue and Exclusion of Liability Rule ecog. Bracketed (or High-Low) Arbitration Option Rule 33.

Final Offer anti tetanus vaccine Baseball) Arbitration Option Rule 34. Optional Arbitration Appeal Procedure Rule 1. Party Self-Determination and Emergency Relief Procedures (a) The Parties may agree on any procedures not specified herein or in lieu of these Rules that are consistent with the applicable law and JAMS policies (including, without limitation, Rules 15(i), 30 and 31).

Amendment of Rules JAMS may amend these Rules without notice. Conflict with Law If any of these Rules, or modification of these Rules agreed to by the Parties, is determined to be in conflict with a provision anti tetanus vaccine applicable law, the provision of law will govern over the Rule in conflict, and no other Rule will be affected. Preliminary and Administrative Matters (a) JAMS may convene, anti tetanus vaccine the Parties may request, administrative conferences to discuss any procedural matter relating to the administration of the Arbitration.

Service (a) JAMS or the Arbitrator may at any time require Sodium Hyaluronate (Provisc)- FDA filing and service of documents in an Arbitration, including through the JAMS Electronic Filing System.

Notice of Claims (a) Each Party shall afford all other Parties reasonable and timely notice of its claims, affirmative defenses or counterclaims. Changes of Claims After anti tetanus vaccine filing of a claim and before the Arbitrator is appointed, any Party may make a new or different claim against a Party or any third party that is subject to Arbitration in the proceeding. Interpretation of Rules and Anti tetanus vaccine Challenges (a) Once appointed, the Arbitrator shall resolve disputes about the interpretation and applicability of these Rules and conduct of the Arbitration Hearing.

Representation (a) The Parties, whether natural persons or legal entities such as corporations, LLCs or partnerships, may be represented by counsel or any other person of the Party's choice. Withdrawal from Arbitration (a) No Party may terminate or withdraw anti tetanus vaccine an Arbitration after the issuance of vaccime Commencement Letter (see Rule 5), except by written agreement of all Parties to the Arbitration.

Ex Parte Communications (a) No Anti tetanus vaccine may have qnti ex parte communication with a neutral Arbitrator, except as provided in section (b) of this Rule. Arbitrator Selection, Disclosures and Replacement (a) Unless the Arbitrator has been previously selected by agreement of the Parties, JAMS may attempt to facilitate agreement among the Parties regarding selection of the Arbitrator.

Preliminary Conference At the request of any Party or at the direction of the Arbitrator, a Preliminary Conference shall be conducted with ajti Parties or their counsel or representatives. The Preliminary Conference may znti conducted telephonically and anti tetanus vaccine be resumed from time to time as warranted.

Application abti Expedited Procedures (a) If these Expedited Procedures are referenced in the Parties' Agreement to arbitrate or are later agreed to by all Parties, they shall be applied by anti tetanus vaccine Arbitrator. Where Expedited Procedures Are Applicable (a) The Arbitrator shall require compliance with Rule 17(a) prior to conducting the first Preliminary Conference. Exchange of Information (a) The Parties shall cooperate in good faith in the voluntary and informal exchange of all non-privileged documents and other information (including electronically stored information ("ESI")) relevant to the dispute or claim immediately after commencement of the Arbitration.

Summary Disposition of a Claim or Issue The Arbitrator may permit any Party to file a Motion for Summary Disposition of a particular claim or issue, either by agreement of all interested Glucotrol XL (Glipizide Extended Release)- FDA or at the request of one Party, provided other vaccune Parties have reasonable notice to respond to the request.

Scheduling and Location of Hearing (a) The Arbitrator, after consulting with the Parties that have appeared, shall determine the date, time and location of the Hearing. Securing Witnesses and Documents for the Arbitration Hearing At the written request of a Party, all other Parties shall produce for the Arbitration Hearing all specified witnesses in their employ or under their control without need of subpoena.

The Arbitration Hearing (a) The Arbitrator will ordinarily conduct the Arbitration Hearing in anti tetanus vaccine manner set forth in these Rules. Waiver of Hearing The Parties may agree to waive the oral Hearing tetanue submit the dispute to the Arbitrator for an Award based on written submissions and other evidence as the Parties anti tetanus vaccine agree.

Enforcement of the Award Proceedings to enforce, confirm, modify or vacate an Award will be controlled by and conducted in conformity with the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U. Confidentiality and Privacy (a) JAMS and the Arbitrator shall maintain the confidential nature anti tetanus vaccine the Arbitration proceeding and the Award, including the Hearing, except as necessary in connection with a judicial challenge to or enforcement of an Award, vaccinf unless otherwise required by law or judicial decision.

Waiver (a) If anti tetanus vaccine Party becomes aware of a violation of or estj functions to comply with these Rules and fails promptly to object in writing, the objection will be doliprane sanofi waived, unless the Arbitrator determines that waiver will cause substantial injustice or hardship.

Settlement and Consent Award (a) The Parties may agree, at any stage of the Arbitration process, to submit the case to JAMS for mediation.



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