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Anyway, if he ate 200 little slices, then he would have eaten 200 percent of one pizza. We know that a hundred percent is dog training whole of something. Percents less than a hundred mean that they are less than a whole. Percents more than a hundred mean that they include a whole of something plus more of the something. There are three ways to write our percentages.

We can use the mathematical percentage symbol, or we can write it in either decimal or fraction form. Let's take a look at how we can write 50 percent.

The percentage symbol looks like two little dog training with a slash separating them. In decimal form, 50 percent is 0. If you divide 1 by 2, you will see that you get the decimal form of the fraction, 0. Let's try writing 25 percent in the three different forms. In decimal form, it is 0. Can you guess what 1 divided by 4 equals. Now that we know how to write percentages, let's talk about where dog training the real world you will encounter them.

The first that Pfizer innovation sure you are familiar with is in school, when the teacher dog training back a graded test.

What do you normally see in red. Yes, you see your grade or your test score. Most times, you will dog training see the percentage symbol or the fraction form. Another place that you will see percentages is when you go shopping, either at a physical store or online. Many stores will have sales or special discounts that'll save you money.

The higher the percentage discount, the more you save. If you had more than a hundred, then you have more than a whole. You have a whole plus something more. If you had less than a hundred, then you only have a piece of the whole. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study. Log InI would definitely recommend Study. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of dog training respective owners.

Learn how it can help you lasix to buy percentages in this video lesson. You will dog training learn about the uses of percentages dog training the real world.

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