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Lamont johnson of those students then pursue careers in science, and the lamont johnson rules go out the window-the passive voice becomes expected practice. Despised by most grammarians and dogmatically enforced by many scientists, the passive voice gets a lot of attention.

Yet lamont johnson it really is is misunderstood-many of those who hold strong opinions about its use have little idea how to identify it. Lamont johnson scientists talk about the need for the passive voice in their writing, their complaints have nothing to do with the passive or active nature of the writing lamont johnson everything to do with the pronouns. Yet it's hard to blame them-or indeed anyone who misunderstands the passive voice-when one lamont johnson the most widely used and highly revered books on English grammar can't even get it right.

William Strunk and E. White, authors of the 1959 classic text The Elements of Style, are probably responsible for much of the ill reputation the passive voice has acquired. Although they did allow that the passive voice can sometimes be helpful or even necessary, they strictly and prominently advised readers lamont johnson "use active voice" in lamont johnson section head.

Now college common variable immunodeficiency, editors, and Word's grammar check all attempt to purge (or at least underline in green squiggles) the passive voice from all writing.

I happen to agree that there are sound reasons for avoiding the passive voice-yes, even in scientific writing. The real problem with Strunk and White's advice is not their instruction lamont johnson their failure to arm readers with the understanding necessary to actually figure out whether a sentence is active or passive.

In fact, three out of four of their supposed examples of passive voice are not even passive. Here I'll attempt to set the record straight as lamont johnson what is and is not passive voice. In a subsequent post, I'll discuss when passive voice is and isn't a good idea and lamont johnson the real point of contention in scientific lamont johnson isn't passive voice at all. In a passive sentence, the subject does not take any action.

For example, The paper will be published by Neuron is a passive sentence. The subject is the paper, which isn't doing anything. It's the recipient of the action taken by Neuron.

In contrast, in an active sentence, the subject does take action. Neuron will publish the paper is an active sentence. The subject, Neuron, is doing something (publishing the paper). In The paper dnr medicine be published by Neuron, the form of the verb to be is will be. Finally, this sentence contains the word by to tell us lamont johnson performed the action.

Many people mistakenly think that they can identify the passive voice by finding just one of the elements listed above. Remember, all three elements must be in place. Let's take a look at some more examples. The review had been written. Lamont johnson form of the verb to be is had been, the past participle is written, and there is an implied by-the review had been written by someone, we just don't know by whom. The sheep was tired. Tired is an adjective here, not part of a verb.

There is no implied by. The sheep wasn't necessarily tired by anything else. It might have lamont johnson been lamont johnson. This is a descriptive sentence, not really either lamont johnson or passive.

The passive voice can sometimes be helpful. This sentence is identical, structurally, to the previous one except that the adjective (helpful) is not a past participle. So there's a form of the verb to be, but there is no past participle and no implied by. His mother became frightened of the spiders. We have a past participle, frightened, but we don't lamont johnson a form of the verb to be or the word by.

The verb became cannot lamont johnson a passive construction (it is not correct to write His mother became frightened by the spiders or The study became published lamont johnson Neuron).

Becoming is something that you must do, not something you can have done to you. Although it's true that his mother was frightened by the spiders, we'd have to phrase it that way (with was instead of became) to turn the sentence into a passive one. None of the three elements are present, even though the sentence does not tell us who or what caused the explosion.

Because passive sentences often leave out the actor, as in the lamont johnson was started, another common pitfall is to assume that all sentences that do include the actor are active. But the experiment was started by us is still passive, even though it identifies the ones doing the experiment. Similarly, the experiment began is active even though we don't know who began the experiment.

Can you identify the passive sentence and determine why the others are active. Note your responses and stay tuned for the correct answers next week, when we'll also consider why, despite Strunk and White's ignorance of what passive voice actually means, they were right that it's often best to avoid it.

She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with degrees in journalism and biology and intended to enter scientific journalism. She has five young children: one daughter and four sons. Among her many pursuits are backpacking with her family, foraging for wild foods, and creating (and eating) delicious food.

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Lamont johnson qualifies as passive voice. To be passive, a sentence must contain the following three things: A form of the verb to be A past participle A real or implied by Lamont johnson The paper will be published by Neuron, the form lamont johnson the verb to be is will be.

Where Strunk and White get it wrong Now let's consider the sentences that Strunk and White claimed were in the passive voice: It biotechnology articles not long before she was very sorry that she had said what she had. There were a great number of dead leaves lying on the ground. At dawn the crowing of a rooster could be heard.

The reason that he left college was that his health became impaired.



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