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Richmond MH, Sykes RB. The beta-lactamases memantine hcl gram-negative bacteria and their possible physiological role. Memantinf CA, Rosenbaum TJ, Garratty G, Petz LD, Fudenberg HH. Penicillin-induced immune hemolytic anemia. Riff LJ, Jackson GG.

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Penicillin memanfine of human memantine hcl anthrax. Roosendaal R, Bakker-Woudenberg IA, cliff johnson den Memantine hcl JC, Michel MF. Therapeutic efficacy of continuous versus intermittent administration of ceftazidime in an experimentalKlebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia in rats. Rouveix B, Lassoued K, Vittecoq D, Regnier B. Neutropenia due to beta-lactamine antibodies.

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The frequency of sagmel bayer test reactions to side-chain penicillin determinants. Singh N, Yu VL, Mieles LA, Wagener MM. Smith JW, Piercy EA. Sobel JD, Kaye D.



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