Oxytetracycline and Hydrocortisone (Terra-Cortril)- FDA

Not joke! Oxytetracycline and Hydrocortisone (Terra-Cortril)- FDA right!

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An affordable benchtop instrument for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis. Label antibodies with luciferase for use in direct, competition and indirect immunoassays. Measure the potency of transgenic TCR constructs to activate T cells without the constraints of endogenous TCR expression.

Includes bioassays for biologics, cell health assays, induction line and sample identification, cell signaling, Oxytetracyclne metabolism, luciferase reporters and transfection reagents. Forensic DNA analysis products to support capillary electrophoresis (CE) and massively parallel sequencing (MPS) workflows. GPR and GPLE and cGMP quality instruments and reagents forensic genetics clinical research and diagnostics.

Includes products for microsatellite instability analysis and SARS-CoV-2 antibody detection. Includes molecular cloning enzymes, DNA ladders, DNA and RNA extraction kits, PCR enzymes and reagents, and products for NGS and Sanger sequencing.

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