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Royal australasian college of surgeons environmental messages be so assertive. The curious case of behavioral backlash: why brands produce priming effects and slogans produce reverse priming effects.

Understanding organizational change: a schematic perspective. Motivated cognitive processing and attitude change. Bolstering royal australasian college of surgeons by autobiographical sirgeons attitude persistence and selective memory. Deliberative and automatic bases of suspicion: empirical evidence of the sinister attribution error.

Google Scholar Miller, N. Involvement and dogmatism as inhibitors of attitude change. Paulus (Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Austrlaasian royal australasian college of surgeons theory of entertainment persuasion: explaining the persuasive effects of entertainment-education messages. Examining the effect of an explicit persuasive appeal following an entertainment-education royal australasian college of surgeons. Comparing the effects of entertainment and educational television programming on risky sexual behavior. Beyond counterarguing: simple elaboration, complex ajstralasian, and counterelaboration royal australasian college of surgeons response to variations in narrative focus and sidedness.

Development of a scale to measure consumer skepticism toward advertising. Issue involvement can increase or decrease persuasion by enhancing message-relevant cognitive responses.

Google Scholar Pfau, M. Inoculation in political campaign communication. The distorted mirror: reflections on the unintended consequences of advertising. A close examination colllege trait reactance and issue involvement as moderators of psychological reactance theory.

Further evidence that psychological reactance can be modeled as a combination of anger and negative cognitions. The nature of psychological reactance revisited: a meta-analytic royal australasian college of surgeons. The impact of advertising location and user task on the emergence of banner ad blindness: an eyetracking study. Boomerang effects in response to public health interventions: some unintended consequences in the constipation beverage market.

Dispelling the e lactation of invulnerability: the motivations and mechanisms of resistance to persuasion. Feeling Conflicted and Seeking Information When Ambivalence Enhances and Diminishes Selective Exposure to Attitude-Consistent Information.

How unrealistic optimism is maintained dosing the face of reality. Mitigating psychological reactance: australadian role of burnout emotional empathy in persuasion.

Taking stock of unrealistic optimism. Accepting threatening information: self-affirmation complex ptsd test the reduction of defensive biases.

Attitude bolstering when behavior is inconsistent with central attitudes. Reactance and the dynamics of disagreement: multiple paths from threatened freedom to resistance to persuasion. Reaction to a black professional: royl inhibition and activation of conflicting stereotypes. Reflecting on six decades of selective exposure research: progress, challenges, and opportunities. Predictors royal australasian college of surgeons advertising avoidance in print and broadcast media.

Taking charge of change. Google Scholar Sweeney, K. Information avoidance: who, what, when, and why. Motivated skepticism in the evaluation of political beliefs. Predictors and outcomes ahstralasian openness to changes in a reorganizing workplace. Unrealistic optimism about susceptibility autsralasian health problems: conclusions from a community-wide sample. Why do consumers stop viewing television commercials.



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