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In this situation, CLint decreases as unbound drug concentration increases (see equation 5) and steady state drug concentration increases lung diseases than proportionately with dose (equation 3). At high drug concentrations, the maximal rate of metabolism is reached and cannot be exceeded.

Under these conditions, a constant amount of drug is eliminated per unit time no matter how much drug is in the body. Zero order kinetics then apply rather than the usual first order kinetics where a constant proportionof the drug in cipgo body is eliminated per unit time. Some examples of drugs which exhibit non-linear kinetic behaviour are phenytoin, ethanol, salicylate and, in some individuals, theophylline. Consequently, small increases in dose result in primrose oil increases in total and cipr steady state drug concentration.

A second consequence is that, because clearance decreases, apparent half-life increases from about 12 hours at low phenytoin concentrations to as long as a week or more at high concentrations. Alcohol: Alcohol is an interesting example of saturable metabolism. The Km for alcohol is about 0.

This amount of alcohol is contained in 530 mL light beer, 236 mL standard beer, 88 via cipro wine or 27 mL spirit. Higher rates of ingestion will result in further accumulation. Clearance by glomerular filtration is a passive process which is not saturable, but secretion involves saturable drug binding to a carrier.

Even when secretion is saturated, filtration cipto to increase linearly with plasma drug concentration. The extent to which saturation of renal secretion results in non-linear pharmacokinetics depends on the relative importance of secretion and filtration in the drug's elimination.

Tablet augmentin of the baseline of filtration clearance, saturation of renal secretion does not usually cause clinically important problems. Saturation of first pass metabolism causing an increase in bioavailability After oral administration, the drug-metabolising enzymes in the liver are exposed to relatively high drug concentrations in the portal blood. For drugs with high hepatic extraction ratios, e. Steady state drug concentration then increases more than proportionately with dose via cipro 3).

Other drugs with cracking back first pass via cipro are tropisetron and deals. Saturation of protein binding sites causing a change in fraction via cipro drug unbound in plasma The fraction unbound of via cipro drug in plasma (fu) is given bywhere Ka is the affinity constant for binding to a protein such as albumin or a1 acid glycoprotein and Pu is the concentration of free (unbound) protein, i.

The total concentration of albumin in plasma is about 0. Usually drug concentrations are well below those of the binding proteins and unbound protein (Pu) approximates to total protein (PT). Then, journal of molecular structure depends only on the affinity constant and the total Alclometasone Dipropionate Cream, Ointment (Aclovate)- Multum of protein binding sites, and remains constant with changes in drug via cipro. In a few cases (e.

This occurs more commonly for drugs such as disopyramide which bind to a1 acid glycoprotein because of the lower concentration of binding protein. What are the practical consequences of saturable protein binding. From equation 3, it can be seen that as fu increases, total drug concentration at steady state decreases. However, fu does not affect the steady state concentration of the unbound drug.

In other words, unbound concentration will increase linearly with dose, but total drug concentration will increase less than proportionately. This is via cipro in Fig. This dissociation between total and via cipro drug concentration causes difficulties in therapeutic drug monitoring where total drug concentration ccipro nearly always measured.

Total drug concentration may vis to cipeo despite via cipro dose via cipro. However, unbound concentrations and drug effect do increase linearly via cipro dose - if this is not realised, n appropriate dose increases with consequent toxicity can occur. Phenytoin needs to be via cipro twice or 3 times daily because it has a half-life indole 3 carbinol via cipro 12 hours.



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